Launch of New Blockchain Technology Trade Association and Vermont State Working Group

by Catherine Burke

Vermont is taking further steps to cement itself as a leading location for blockchain companies after passing legislation that has attracted blockchain companies to the state.  This week, two new groups launched to support the distributed ledger technology industry and identify new opportunities for its growth.

The first, an interagency working group of the Vermont state government, plans to “study the opportunities and challenges presented by Blockchain technology” in order to allow state regulators to “determine how best to engage with a technology that may represent a new business sector.”

The second, the Vermont Distributed Ledger Governance Association (DLGA) trade association, intends to provide a “landing area for companies and other stakeholders looking to drive commercialization of their blockchain applications while working with the State agencies to pilot those applications and develop best practices for the industry.”  Both groups hope their work will support the growth of the maturing blockchain industry, particularly in Vermont.