Spring Blockchain News & Events

Gravel & Shea is proud to share some recent successes in its work to strengthen Vermont’s reputation as a vital regional and national blockchain hub.  The firm has been at the forefront of blockchain business development since Vermont’s landmark blockchain legislation passed last spring.

Here’s an overview of some recent projects and events.

Consensus Blockchain App Pilot Project to Launch this Summer

Gravel & Shea’s blockchain practice is also supporting Toronto-based company Consensus in launching a blockchain-based smartphone app aimed at connecting the local community to municipal government.

At a press conference announcing the Consensus app pilot this spring, South Burlington City Manager Kevin Dorn was enthusiastic about this opportunity to offer community members easy access to share opinions on municipal issues right from their smartphones. He believes that allowing citizens to easily contact local officials is an essential part of a transparent and effective democratic process.

The Consensus app marks another positive step in Gravel & Shea’s success in attracting blockchain-focused businesses to the region. The app expected to be available to South Burlington residents this summer.

Read more about the Consensus Project here.

State Blockchain Working Group

The firm continues to work closely with the Vermont state blockchain working group. The working group is comprised of the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Financial Regulation, the Secretary of State, and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.  Blockchain businesses and those exploring new uses for blockchain technology have already participated in working group meetings, helping to advance the working group’s goal of studying the challenges and opportunities facing the blockchain industry.

Gravel & Shea also works closely with the Distributed Ledger Governance Association (DLGA), including on state working group matters.  DLGA’s mission is to:

  • Be a central point of contact for blockchain/distributed ledger technology stakeholders
  • Connect regulators, technology companies and educational institutions
  • Help businesses drive commercialization of blockchain applications
  • Coordinate with state agencies and other regulatory bodies to pilot applications
  • Develop and enforce best practices as the local industry grows
  • Develop a smart regulatory framework around blockchain issues

In recognition of the increasing value and importance of distributed ledger technology, Gravel & Shea and DLGA are committed to enhancing Vermont’s blockchain industry through ongoing projects and initiatives alongside local and national partners.

Blockchain Symposium Hosted by Gravel & Shea and Champlain College

Burlington’s Blockchain Symposium, co-hosted by Gravel & Shea and Champlain College, was a resounding success, with around 60 community members in attendance locally and 20 joining remotely.

The symposium brought together local industry leaders to inform and educate participants about blockchain basics as well as its business applications.  The free event also provided a great networking opportunity, connecting businesses from Vermont, New York, and Canada with each other and with students and regulators.

Speakers included:

  • John Burton, President of Stormseye Associates LLC, founder of NPI Technology Management and board chair of the Distributed Ledger Governance Association (DLGA)
  • Frank Canovatchel, Associate Professor of Economics and Web Technology at Champlain College
  • Chris Curtis, Chief of the Public Protection Division of the Vermont Office of the Attorney General (AG).
  • Alex Daley, Senior Vice President, Retail for GBI, LLC, IT and finance expert
  • Oliver Goodenough, Special Counsel at Gravel & Shea, instructor at Vermont Law School and Dartmouth College and Fintech/AI expert
  • Don Laackman, President of Champlain College and economic/technology expert
  • Michael Ly, CEO and Co-Founder of Reconciled and Co-Founder of Blockchain Vermont
  • Paul J. Swider, international speaker, author, and Co-Founder and CTO of RealActivity
  • David Thelander, Special Counsel, Gravel & Shea and DLGA board member

Commitment to Community

Gravel & Shea is committed to ongoing collaboration with businesses, regulatory bodies and educational institutions both locally and beyond to inform, educate, and foster innovative uses of blockchain.

For more information about working with Gravel & Shea on blockchain issues, getting involved with DLGA, or other blockchain-related projects and initiatives, contact Catherine Burke.