About Us

We’re in the midst of a thrilling time for companies interested in participating in the blockchain industry — a time that has the potential to change everything we understand about business, privacy, and currency. As with every major technological advance before it, blockchain innovation is moving faster than the laws that have been used to regulate the industries it touches.

Companies engaging in blockchain activity need counsel that understands the traditional legal frameworks and is also ready to go beyond what’s been done in the past.

Led by blockchain attorneys David Thelander and Oliver Goodenough, the Gravel & Shea Blockchain Technology Practice Group uses its breadth of experience and industry knowledge to assist clients at every stage of business and from a variety of industries. We are blockchain lawyers grounded in legal theory and expertise, and we love teaming up with the visionaries that are bringing blockchain technology to the forefront.

Learn more about our blockchain law experts.

David Thelander applies his extensive experience in risk management and compliance issues to assist domestic and international companies with expanding their blockchain operations into Vermont.  David’s past position in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Corporation Finance and Enforcement Divisions gave him invaluable expertise to counsel companies preparing investment-based blockchain offerings.  He also helps FinTech companies — both those based in California tech hubs and elsewhere — to identify new opportunities to utilize blockchain technologies or interface with blockchain companies to gain a market share in this fast-growing industry.

Oliver Goodenough specializes in technology law, including the law surrounding blockchain, FinTech, and artificial intelligence.  He authored the Financial Technology Report that the Vermont General Assembly considered before passing a recent law to enable the formation of personal information protection companies (PIPCs) and blockchain-based limited liability companies (BBLLCs) in Vermont.  Oliver brings both academic and practical experience to his work advising clients on business formation issues and developing laws and policies related to blockchain.

Peter Erly specializes in mergers and acquisitions, transaction financing, and business formation.  He was also integrally involved in the passage of Vermont’s recent blockchain legislation, with an emphasis on the provisions applicable to personal information protection companies.  He also has expertise in securities law, and has advised blockchain clients regarding securities issues related to token offerings.

Michelle Farkas is a real estate law practitioner who focuses primarily on complex real estate transactions, including development and financing matters.  She assisted a blockchain real estate firm close a landmark blockchain-based real estate transaction in South Burlington, Vermont.  Michelle is also assisting a blockchain client with a pilot project recording land records on the blockchain for several municipalities.

Ethan McLaughlin assisted clients in forming some of the first blockchain-based limited liability companies (BBLLCs) in Vermont after the passage of the state’s landmark BBLLC-enabling legislation in 2018.  Thanks to his background in mergers and acquisitions, business debt and financing issues, and intellectual property transactions, Ethan can also assist blockchain companies with traditional business transactions.

Cassandra LaRae-Perez is the first dedicated food and beverage attorney in Vermont.  In addition to assisting clients with product recalls, contracts, and supplier issues, Cassandra is leading the expansion of blockchain into the food and beverage industry.  Working in collaboration with The Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety (NECAFS), Cassandra educates food and beverage manufacturers on using blockchain technology to track the safety and organic status of their products.

Brent Lanoue specializes in corporate law, executive compensation, and employment law.  He has also advised clients on compliance with new internet privacy regulations, a topic likely to be implicated in new blockchain business offerings.

Catherine Burke brings business formation, business management and governance, and marketing expertise to Gravel & Shea’s blockchain practice.  She incorporated a blockchain token company in Vermont, and also assists with the firm’s blockchain practice group development.